Excursion, FD – 13th September 2017


8.20 – bus departure from the hotel

8.40 – Golf Course Kaskáda, Kuřim, 15 km north of Brno, spoon fertilizing, excellent turf quality with near nature approach

10.20 – bus departure from GC KaskádaGC Kaskáda

11.20 – Lednice – Castle Gardens, declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site (https://www.zamek-lednice.com/en); guided visit of the gardens with refreshmentsLednice

12.20 – bus departure from Lednice

13.10 – Richter Rasen, Závod, Slovakia, turf farm, excursion + lunchRichter Rasen

14.30 - departure from Závod

16.00 – arrival to Brno



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